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Revue de presse Québec - Bretagne Septembre 2023

Club Québec, Toutes les actualités
Septembre 2023 : Panorama de l'actualité économique au Québec et en Bretagne proposé dans le cadre du développement des relations Rennes/St-Malo-Québec

Our Services

Access to a prestigious network
World Trade Center Rennes Bretagne is a powerful network of business opportunities. Member of the New York-based World Trade Centers Associations, this one-stop shop connects you with 750 000 members in over 90 countries. There are over 300 WTCs worldwide and 10 in France.
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A Local Networking Platform
WTC Rennes bretagne offers its members opportunities to increase their network locally through networking and matchmaking events as welle as experience sharing events.
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A Comprehensive Program of Events
WTC Rennes Bretagne offers its members a thorough program of events throughout the year : workshops based on a specific market, roundtables and experience sharing events, Club meetings (Quebec/Canada, iran, UK, Morocco, USA and Russia), conferences, site visits and matchmaking opportunities.
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Training opportunities
To help members improve their skills and competencies in the realm of international trade, WTC Rennes Bretagne offers : English Training Breakfasts, various training opportunities in international trade, language classes and other conferences organized throughout the year.
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Business services
The WTC Rennes Bretagne membership comes with numerous benefits such as office and meeting spaces for your business meetings, preferential rates with UPS and ACCOR Group etc... WTC Rennes Bretagne can also help you look for potential business partners/contacts.
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Why Become a Member ?

Our network
Becoming a member of WTC Rennes Bretagne gives you access to a local, regional and international business network
Our business opportunities
Matchmaking opportunities for WTC Rennes Bretagne members.
A comprehensive program of events
A program of events designed by and for members. Some past events are available on our YouTube channel.
Our members
Consultants, local stakeholders, SMEs or multinational companies - all working interrnationally
Our benefits
Members have acess to a large panel of services at discounted rates.
A member of the worldwide WTCA network, WTC Rennes Bretagne is your point of contact to network with over 300 WTCs located throughout the World in international hubs.
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Select Your Package

Annual Fee for
Companies with over 10 employees
460 € HT
Access to all WTC Rennes Bretagne services
Workshops / events / conferences / English Training Breakfasts
Access to the WTC Rennes Bretagne network and the worlwide WTC network
Annual Fee for
Companies with less than 10 employees
310 € HT
Access to all WTC Rennes Bretagne services
Workshops / events / conferences / English Training Breakfasts
Access to the WTC Rennes Bretagne network and the worlwide WTC network
WTC Rennes Bretagne

Our Team

President of WTC Rennes Bretagne
Nicholas BEATY
Manager du WTC Rennes Bretagne

What Members Say About Us

La Française des Plastiques is a member of the Rennes Bretagne WTC since 2010.
The benefits of being member were quite immediate : experience shatring, dos and donts abroad etc...
Furthermore, the events organized throughout the year are great opportunities to strengthen your network locally (through site visits) or internationally (through videoconference calls with French companies abroad.)
The Club WTC Rennes Bretagne serves as a place to network and initiate new international projects regardless of the size or the international maturity of your company.
La Française des plastiques
The Rennes Airport is part of the Rennes Bretagne WTC since its creation in 2009. The quality of the events as well as the Iran, Franco-British, Quebec, Morocco and USA clubs make the Rennes Bretagne WTC a quality network where members can interact, communicate and develop their own networks.
The program of events is proactive and gives a formidable showroom for Breton companies looking to work internationally.
The airport had the pleasure to welcome the Rennes Bretagne WTC members for their yearly general assembly on March 4th 2019.
The Rennes Bretagne WTC is not only made for big companies, but also smaller companies working on a global scale.
Rennes Airport
The WTC Rennes Bretagne membership brought me access to a rich network of companies and business owners. Not only did I acquire new clients, I also got new ideas to better answer needs of potential clients.

WTC Rennes Bretagne offers quality events. I really enjoy the Coordinator's (Nicholas) style. He is always there to help out and open up his impressive network.

Professional Coach and Founder of AMELIORE
To start my company, I needed international contacts. WTC Rennes Bretagne gave me practical and quick answers : targeted contacts and opportunities.
I also needed human contact as I was starting my company during the first lockdown in March 2020. The English Training Breakfasts are a breath of fresh air! There are no judgement made on your level and the subjects are quite wide and interesting.
Marylène LETOUX




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