Conference : American Business Narratives by François Huber

Conference in English on American Business Narratives by François Huber

Thursday 11 January 2024 I 6:30PM at the Franco American Institute followed by a cocktail

Event organized by The Franco American Institute in partnership with World Trade Center Rennes Bretagne

Conference lead by François Huber, International Consultant and Président of Global Brittany

American practices loom large on business all over the world. They are taught in business schools from Asia to Europe, shape the thought of leaders in boardrooms as well as in situation rooms, and influence everyone’s ideas about business, even if we have never been involved in strategic decision-making.

But is it science or culture? There is such a distinctive American flavor to some of the concepts that it is difficult to take them at face value. In this conference, we will try to identify some typical American business narratives, reflect on their cultural dimension (including whether they are really suitable for non-American companies), and tentatively evaluate how they affect business performance in the current context.

Practical Information

Date : Thursday 11th January 2024
Place : The Franco American Institute (7 Quai Chateaubriand – 35000 RENNES)
Time : 6:30pm with cocktail to follow




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