Setting up a business in France

The registration process:

The registration of any new business in France is carried out through a business registration center: « Centre de Formalité des Entreprises » (CFE). CFEs provide a one-stop service for companies enabling them to file a single document to register the establishment, modification (registration, address, legal structure, activity etc…) or cessation of their business activity. In general, CFEs are located in either chambers of commerce and industry or the local Commercial Court Registry. On top of providing general advice regarding legal and tax issues, Chambers of Commerce and Industry provide information on setting up a business

If your language competency and your knowledge of the French legal and fiscal systems are adequate, feel free to download the various forms needed to create a company in France by following this link.

Otherwise, the CCI Ille-et-Vilaine and The World Trade Center Rennes Bretagne can offer assistance in English to foreign entrepreneurs who wish to create a business in the Rennes, Saint-Malo, Fougères, Vitré and Redon areas through soft landing and fast tracking packages.

Practical guides:

For information regarding investing in the Bretagne region, feel free to visit Bretagne Commerce International’s website specifically designed to help foreign entrepreneurs who wish to invest in Bretagne:

Business France also publishes every year a series of booklets designed to help foreign investors understand France’s legal structures, visas, social protection, taxation, government support etc… :

Booklet 1 : legal structures, partnerships, opening a bank account, employment law, business taxes

Booklet 2 : visas, self-employment, social protection, taxes

Booklet 3 : government support and finance => how to finance investment projects, receive funding for training, recruitment, innovation, R&D etc…

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