Étiquette : English conversation

English Training Breakfast

FRIDAY, JUNE 9TH, 2023 From 9am to 10:30am at WTC Rennes Bretagne Our English Training Breakfasts, whether virtual or face-to-face, offer an opportunity for people to talk business and network in a casual and fun atmosphere. The conversations take place in English, but don’t worry about your level ; we’re all there to practice and improve our English speaking skills. GUEST SPEAKER : Brian Reyland Jones, Founder of the World Wide...
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English Training Breakfast / workshop

Friday, February 24th, 2023 From 9am to 10:30am at WTC Rennes Bretagne NATIONAL & REGIONAL SPECIALTIES TOPIC : Scotch Whisky GUEST SPEAKER: Rachel Angus, Founder of Rachel's Language Institute   Limited to WTC Rennes Bretagne members and partners   PROGRAMME Improve your English language skills by learning about Scotch whisky and the whisky making process with Rachel, founder of Rachel’s Language Institute and...
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English Training Breakfast In-Person

Friday, July 1st, 2022 From 9am to 10:30am at WTC Rennes Bretagne ENGLISH TRAINING BREAKFAST TOPIC : A Reflection on the Use of Humour in Business FACILITATORS : Jennifer RAMSAY & Nicholas BEATY PROGRAM Components of humor in different cultures : a roundtable discussion Sharing of experiences and perspectives Application in business, use in negotiations, relationship building Our English Training...
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