BtoB Matchmaking Opportunity for WTC Rennes Bretagne members with other WTCA members – November 15-19


Artificial Intelligence-Powered Business-to-Business Matchmaking

at the 2021 WTCA Member Forum!


Discover business opportunities, easily schedule and host virtual meetings, participate in speed networking, watch livestream programming and message fellow attendees ― all in one place

B2B Platform Opens & Networking Begins: October 25

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In response to the overwhelming success of the 2021 General Assembly, the WTCA is once again incorporating complimentary Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered matchmaking for businesses at this year’s Member Forum — using an algorithm to effectively connect attendees to business prospects around the world, across all time zones.

What is AI-powered B2B matchmaking and how does it work?

AI-powered matchmaking is a program where an algorithm uses information provided by participants to select and recommend business matches. The algorithm also learns from attendee interactions, further improving match relevance in real time. For the 2021 Member Forum, the WTCA is partnering with Grip to provide an enhanced attendee experience.

How does this benefit me?

AI-powered matchmaking delivers an efficient and effective way to find business connections in this environment of digital globalization — maximizing the time spent to establish networking opportunities.

Who will I be matched with/who else will be in attendance?

The AI-powered matchmaking algorithm provides the most relevant matches based on your registration form and event profile. The WTCA, with members in nearly 100 countries, is uniquely positioned to provide this matchmaking on a truly global scale across all industries.

How can I get the most out of attending?

Register now! The platform allows networking across all time zones beginning October 25, and virtual meetings to take place from November 15-19. We suggest using modern browsers (Google Chrome and Firefox) to enable the best event experience.


Success at the WTCA’s global AI-powered networking events

The 2021 WTCA General Assembly (GA) and the AI-powered B2B platform gave me the opportunity to connect with and discuss collaboration with Antica Tostatura Triestina and other companies. This event allowed me, within a short time of over a week, to be able to meet with decision-makers from all over the world. It is a great accelerator for companies to develop international activities.

Steve Bayol, Consultant Growth Accelerator, VinoCave

Member of WTC Rennes Bretagne

2021 WTCA GA Attendee

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