Summary: Virtual English Training Breakfast of April 30th featuring Jennifer Ramsay, founder of Green Talk

During our Virtual English training breakfast that was held on the 30th of April, Members from the WTC Rennes had the opportunity to learn more about Corporate Social Responsibility and discover a brillant new board game through our guest speaker Jennifer Ramsay, owner of Green Talk.

Green talk, founded by Jennifer Ramsay, offers to different audiences, from private companies to schools, the opportunity to learn about the ecological transition, all while practicing English. Green Talk offers training tailored to your needs, from one to one base coaching to group sessions, all in English.

In this session the focus was aimed towards raising awareness and reaching a better understanding of your social impact and how you affect others environmentally and socially. Corporate social responsibility can be linked to each and every sector and there are many ways you can implement them in your activity. During this Virtual English Training Breakfast we were able to have an overview of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the ISO 26000 standards. Our members also had the opportunity to test out Serious Game, an amazing board game which led our participants to exchange in English on several topics such as The mentalities that hinder our progress towards a more sustainable world, The difficulty of finding standards and regulations that are neither too restrictive nor too vague, The opportunities for companies to contribute to education effectively and strategically and many more !

A big thank you to our speaker Jennifer Ramsay who made a real understanding of each and everyones responsibility in how you affect the world around you and how you can align & promote your values with your company. A big thank you to all the participants as well for their exchanges that were of great value to all.


Click here to see the slides of the presentation :



Tune in for our next Virtual Breakfast on Friday, May 28th

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