Virtual English Training Breakfasts – June 15th and July 3rd – Brian JONES

High Performance Habits for Impact in English

In a series of two Virtual English Training Breakfasts, Brian JONES, Professional Coach and Founder of Peak Performance English Coaching coveried six pillars designed to help French leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs improve their English speaking skills :

Pillar #1:

Understand the dynamic that you are in and learn how to create the results you want to achieve

Pillar #2:

What is preventing many French leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs from committing to their biggest ambitions

Pillar #3:

What really makes people speak with fluency, energy and impact

Pillar #4:

How you need to start thinking and the impact that your thinking has on fluency

Pillar #5:

How to physically integrate English and enjoy fluency

Pillar #6:

What successful leaders, influencers and international entrepreneurs are doing that the rest is not


For more information on the six pillars designed to help French leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs improve their English speaking skills, feel free to watch the YouTube video below :


English Training Breakfasts are  biweekly English conversation classes organized by the WTC Rennes Bretagne. The goals of these breakfasts are to practice English, talk business and network.

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